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Santa loves all the mail from the boys and girls.

Enjoy reading about Christmas wishes of children around the world! Past years of letters to Santa are now available in CD!

Be sure to order yours early so you and the children or grandchildren can enjoy reading letters from children around the world as you axiously wait for Santa on Christmas Eve. The CD is also a great gift for the new Mom or soon to be Mom.

Below are just a few of the past letters on CD

Dear Santa,,
My name is Gloria Ann and I have been a good girl this year. Someone else may say differently but I have been very, very good.
My kitty cats on the other hand are a different story ! Merry Christmas Gloria

Dear Santa Claus,
How are you doing ? I am fine. I will be at my grandma's house. She lives on ______ Circle in ******, **. I will spend Christmas Eve night at my grandma's house. Before that , I will be at my other grandma's house in Dublin, ** for dinner. If some homeless kids need toys you can take some toys out of my toys. April and Daddy think I've been good.

Hello Santa Claus,
My name is Phillip ******. I live in Carrollton, ****** and I am in the 4th grade. My grades are pretty good. School is hard this year. I am a good boy for my teacher Mrs. ******.
This year I only want one thing, because I know I should'nt be greedy. Could you please bring me money. I want to go and buy my own toys. If this is not okay then bring me a gift certificate to Toys R Us or Target. I want $80.00.
I promise to keep being good and mind my parents.
From, Phillip

Dear Santa,
How are you? Thanks for everything you got me last year. I would like Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. And a Big School Kelly. And Spin Art. And some my Twinn stuff....black kittens, collar, black or brown lab puppies with collar and leash, purple pajamas for Molly, and High Energy Jacket for Molly and me. Star Performer outfit. I like to read books and joke books. And a picture of you to me.
My baby brother Jon is almost 4. He would like Bob the Builder stuff, Veggie Tales stuff, music stuff, and books, and drawing stuff. He has been a good boy and a good brother.
I have a new baby cousin this year. His name is Daniel. He was born too early, but is doing much better now, although he is still very tiny compared to most babies I have seen. I say a prayer for him every night. Please bring him nice stuff for little babies.
Thank you for everything. I will leave you milk and cookies on a special plate. We have lots of Christmas trees at our house, but you should leave our presents under the family tree in the living room.....or we might not find them.
Merry Christmas, Santa.
love, Meredith

Dear Santa,
I am not a child, but still believe in the spirit of Giving. I know that Christmas wants and wishes are answered by the ones we love.
I have many wants; I want the fighting in the world to end, for the hurting of children to stop, for all mankind and all other living things on this earth to find a way to co-live.
I also would like to give. I would like to give love, laughter and a sense of being. Any takers?
Have a great Holiday Season and remember--It is the Season of Giving--all year long.

Dear Santa,
My name is Jamie. For Christmas this year I want a cute puppy, cd burner. But most of all, I want that puppy. And that's pretty much all I want this year.
I have been getting good grades in school and I have been a good girl except
I don't like to clean my room.
Yours Truly, Jamie

Dear Santa,
I have been trying to be a very good girl this year. I made some mistakes, but that's ok. I'm just a little girl. Mommy says I've been pretty good considering I have two kinda rotten brothers. So, she said I could ask you for some special things for Christmas this year.
When I got to thinking about it, I decided I wanted the following:
Picture Pocket Barbie
Nutcracker Barbie (no Ken, thanks!)
Barbie Cash Register
Fisher Price Family Home and Stable
Game Boy Advance and games
Robe and Slippers
Anything Santa thinks I might like
If you feel like it, you can also send some nice things to my rotten
Thanks ! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
Love, Caitie

dear Santa,
May i be an elf?
Love kevin

Dear Santa,
I would like an orange guitar like Papa's, and an action figure that doesn't have a button in the back. Love Josh

Dear Santa,
Hows Mrs. Claus doing .Has anybody got in on the naughty list. By the way I was wondering if you could leave me a note on Christmas Eve. That has your signaure on it. Well let me know if you can because i will have to be preard for it.Well i got to go bye bye LOVE, VICTORIA

Dear Santa,
i wanted to wish you a merry christmas. i was also wondering how you handle dogs that live inside when you go to people's houses? How does rudolf's nose glow? we love you dylan and megan

dear santa claus
am real upset my mother promised me she would mail a letter to you but instead she opened it herself. all i want for christmas is a POOCHI blue please

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