The Reindeer Names

The reindeer names can be quite confusing.
So here's a short poem to help you remember.

There are eight names to repeat,
and we'll start with the first.

This name is like running inshort little bursts.
It's Dasher the reindeer, the fastest of all,
A quick tiny reindeer, but not very tall!

There is Dancer the danciest dancer of all,
Dancing about and having a ball!

And Prancer like Dancer prances all day,
Driving elves crazy, but what can they say?

While Vixen plays tricks on all the reindeer,
Mix'n their sleigh bells and having no fear!

Don't forget Comet with a smile all the while,
You can see the teeth glow from even one mile.

And Cupid the dreamer who day dreams the most,
Waiting for Christmas and Holidays roasts.

But Donner is jumping about on the snow.
Eager for Santa and the reindeer to go!

Finally, Blitzen with mittens of gold lace and holly,
Is happy, and zappy and oh, so jolly!

Oh, yes don't forget Rudolf with that nose red and bright,
Shining his nose through the thick of the night.

And your dear name can be of a Reindeer deer.
Send it to Santa with your Christmas cheer!